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Cocaine Addiction

Effects of Cocaine

Most of people do not even realize that they are addicted to cocaine until it’s too late and this is what makes cocaine one of the most dangerous drugs. If you ever try to find out what goes inside the mind of a cocaine addict, you will be surprised to find out that they strongly believe that they know their limitations and can stop anytime they want. This is the trick cocaine plays with the minds of the addicts; eventually through time takes upon their body and mind so intensely that it becomes an inseparable part of their lives. Slowly they get dragged deeper and deeper into its shackles, lose their will power, and lose their sanity as well as decorum. Their behavior change; they become more aggressive, violent at unexpected times and slowly slide away from their family and friends.

Cocaine in California – Rise of Cocaine

Chemically it is a hydrochloride derived from the leaves of coca plant especially found in the highlands of South America. One of the most potent natural stimulants, cocaine directly affects the central nervous system even changing the way one’s mind works. It was in the 1800s that a German chemist discovered its stimulant properties as well as its anesthetic properties. In the United States, Cocaine had a very rocky history and at the same time very controversial. It is still being produced heavily in parts of South America and still in great demand. To fight the serious cause of cocaine addiction various cocaine rehab centers have sprung up in the California. These rehab centers offer special programs to help the addicts break their cycle of drug craving.

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms are very dangerous and sometimes even fatal therefore it is always advised never to stop taking the drugs without doctor’s suggestion. For this reason many cocaine rehab centers have also been set up where cocaine undergoing the drug detox process are taken care of and monitored 24×7.

California is famous for its cocaine rehab centers all over the world and hopeful addicts who want to lead a drug free life come here from different parts of the world to get treated. These centers have de-addiction programs especially designed to treat cocaine addiction symptoms.

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