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California Sober Living Homes

Many individuals who have completed drug rehab (or are still in the process of completing an outpatient drug treatment program) need somewhere to live while they “regain their footing” and ease back into the normal flow of everyday life. For many Californians, this place is a sober living facility.

California sober living recovery homes are houses where recovering addicts live together, share responsibilities and find safe haven during uncertain times. Although these residences vary from facility to facility, there are several things that they all have in common, including:

  • Strict rules and regulations. In order to maintain the integrity of the facility, and insure that all the residents have a safe place to live, sober living homes are governed by a strict set of rules. Items found in the code-of-conduct for most sober living homes include: no drugs or alcohol on the premises, no guests during certain times of the day no violent or confrontational behavior and other common-sense rules. Depending upon the seriousness of the infraction, not abiding by the rules can lead to eviction from the sober living home.
  • An affordable living solution. While there are some deluxe sober living facilities in California that can run a person thousands of dollars a month, most are generally affordable. Individuals who run sober living homes understand the recovery can be a time of financial instability as much as it a psychologically difficult time.
  • Shared responsibilities. The feeling at a sober living home can be described as communal. Everyone pitches in on the chores around the house, and generally band together to make the living space as pleasant and clean as possible. Utilities are sometimes included in the rent, but other times everyone will be asked to make a donation to pay for their share of the electric bill, cable TV, water and other necessities.
  • A common bond. One of the biggest benefits of a sober living facility is the opportunity to live side-by-side with other people going through similar circumstances. Gaining support from fellow recovering addicts can make all the difference in the world when it comes to sticking with an after-care program or avoiding the traps of relapse.
  • A welcoming environment. Whether an individual has battled addiction to heroin, cocaine, sex, gambling, crystal meth or any other substance or compulsive behavior, the sober living home is a place where a person can come and not feel different or ostracized. Many people report that their experience at a sober living facility was the best preparation for moving forward with a life free of drugs or alcohol.

Sober living facilities in California exist in almost every city or town – and can be found in urban centers or quiet residential neighborhoods alike.

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