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Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment

In California, thousands of people every day turn to inpatient drug and alcohol treatment for a structured program to help them overcome drug addiction. Also known as residential treatment, inpatient programs give individuals an opportunity to leave their daily life behind, and enter a facility where the sole purpose is to focus on recovery.

NOTE: Before treatment can begin at an inpatient facility, individuals will need to complete drug detox first. Drug detox is the process of removing harmful toxins from the body that drugs have left behind. Many inpatient facilities offer drug detox onsite, but some do not. Potential patients are urged to check with the facility to find out if they will need to undergo detox elsewhere.

There are four major stages to most major inpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs in California:

Stage #1: Getting acclimated

When an individual arrives at an inpatient facility, the staff will do everything possible to help make him or her feel comfortable. The staff explains the rules and regulations of the facility, and gives them an overview on what to expect in their treatment plan.

Stage #2: Assessing the problem

In this stage the treatment professionals work with the individual to learn more about their addiction and get a full understanding of the person behind the addiction. Together the patient and professional will set goals for the treatment and reaffirm a commitment on the part of the individual to achieve those goals.

Stage #3: Changing behaviors

This stage is made up primarily of group and individual counseling. This is where the counselor work to change the behaviors of the individual, helping them understand why they became addicted to drugs or alcohol, and showing them how to make better decisions in the future. During these counseling sessions, the individual will learn new skills and gain a better understanding of the addiction that caused them to get to this point. In group counseling, the individual will receive plenty of anecdotal information about drug and alcohol addiction, as they listen to stories from their peer group about bad decision making and things they could have done differently while addicted to cocaine, alcohol, heroin, or any number of harmful drugs.

Step #4: Preparation for life after treatment

The final stage of inpatient treatment entails putting everything you’ve learned into use. When you are getting ready to leave rehab, you will work with professionals to craft an after-care plan. This plan may include return visits for counseling, residing in a sober living home, or attending Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Whatever path you choose to take, this is where you get ready to be accountable for your life, and start making good decisions.

There are thousands of quality inpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs in California. Choosing the right one means finding a program that meets your needs and you feel totally comfortable with. To find a Inpatient Rehab, please take a look at our lisitngs for Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehabs or call our FREE helpline at (866) 531-4569.

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