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Codeine Rehab

History of Codeine

Codeine is a name derived from a Greek work meaning ‘poppy head’ is basically the alkaloid fluid isolated from the poppy head. This extraction and then isolation was first performed in France in the year 1832 by a France based commercial chemist named Pierre Robiquet which he accidentally found while doing research on finding out a more refined process of obtaining morphine. When sold it the market it was highly appreciated by the buyers and since then the demand never ceased. Today, codeine has become one of the most widely-used opiates in the world.

Uses of Codeine

In the United States and for that matter mostly any part of the world if you report to a doctor with cough, improper bowel movement or moderate body pain, it is common that the doctors will prescribe you with medications containing codeine. This is because codeine is a narcotic analgesic as well as a cough suppressant. It is basically the fluid extracted from opium poppy plant. But you must be careful because it is a widely used recreational drug too! It might come in any form, from liquid to pills. As a medical drug its usage is controlled and prescribed in limited doses, the problem arises when people manage to get hold of it even without prescription and start abusing it.

Codeine in the United States

With the pain relief as well as cough relief benefits of codeine, doctors in the United States started prescribing the drug in more and more cases. It was not much time by which people realized the recreational side of the drug and started getting it even without prescription in an illegal way.

Codeine Rehab in California

California is regarded as a heaven for drug abusers because it is one such place in the states where you can get just about any kind of drug you want even surpassing the legal observations. Among many rehabs available in California there are rehabs specializing in codeine addiction treatment.

Codeine addiction has the potential to snatch away life from its users therefore, it is very important for codeine addicts so seek professional help of special codeine rehabs. Codeine detoxification is not only a physical ordeal but a mental and emotional one too. Reach out for help immediately.

So if it is you or some one you know who have totally zoned out of time due to codeine addiction, it is high-time you seek help. We are here to help you located the best codeine rehabs in California.

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