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Marijuana Rehab

What Is Marijuana?

In very simple terms, Marijuana is a mixture of dried leaves, seeds and flowers of the cannabis sativa plant, which are shredded before use. Also known as cannabis, the term marijuana origins from the Spanish-Mexican term “Marihuana”. It is mainly used for medical, recreational and spiritual purposes. Medical usage of marijuana comprises of preparing a particular psychoactive drug by mixing and grinding the cannabis sativa plant along with other ingredients.

What Is The History of Marijuana?

The history of marijuana and its usages can be traced back to thousands of years. Historians and archaeologists discovered charred cannabis seeds at a burial site in Romania whose origin dates back to 3rd millennium BC. Several ancient civilizations and countries such as India, China, Nepal etc knew the medical and recreational properties of this plant, and used it for various purposes. Historically, the center of production of marijuana remained South and Central Asia with Europeans receiving the information from Aryans in AD 500.

Rise of Marijuana In California and USA

Marijuana first entered the shores of United States of America in 1545, when Spanish brought this plant from Europe into the New World. English introduced marijuana to the city of Jamestown in 1611. Soon, it became one of the major crops along with tobacco, and was mass produced to help the fiber industry as it was used as a source of fiber. It was in 1920s, when the rage for marijuana really caught on. Initially, it was the musicians and entertainers who used this as recreational drug and in the excuse of creativity, promoted its usage among teenagers and youth. ‘Tea Pads’, which were actually marijuana clubs sprang up in every major city including California. Cities such as California and Hawaii soon became the domestic hotspots for supply and production of marijuana.

Legal and Illegal Use of Marijuana

After 1920 and 1930s when there was rampant abuse and exploitation of this drug, Government came heavily on the suppliers of marijuana and was banned everywhere inside USA. However, medical usage of marijuana was still allowed as it was an important and crucial ingredient for creation of pain killers and other psychoactive drugs. Washington is the first state in USA which allowed legal usage of cannabis such as marijuana. Colorado is not far behind in legalizing this plant.

Find a Marijuana Rehab In California

Although it had been assumed that marijuana addiction is less harmful compared to addiction of more dangerous substances such as heroin and cocaine, it is high time that addicts of this herb start considering it as harmful as the other narcotics. Not only it affects our nervous system and ability to learn, but it also has negative effects on memory, coordination of body and health in general. Marijuana rehab should be your top priority if you cannot think of leaving this drug and start enjoying life as it happens.

There are several centers which provide marijuana rehab in California, which can totally cure you from its addiction and evil effects. For more information related to marijuana rehab in California, please call us at (866) 531-4569.

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