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Percocet Rehab

What is Percocet?

Perocet is the brand name of a pain killer, which is formed by combining oxycodone and acetaminophen or Tylenol. Doctors prescribe this drug as a cure for short term to long term pain and agony. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency of USA, it falls in Schedule 2 Narcotic, which means that the usage and sale of this painkiller needs strict regulation and control. Basically derived from opioid, Percocet addiction is very harmful as it directly attacks the central nervous system of the victim and damages the neurons or brain cells.

What is the History of Percocet?

Percocet in its current form was first approved by US Food and Drug Administration in the year 1976. Since mid 2000, it is being manufactured and marketed by Endo Pharmaceuticals and is available in the market under various dosages. Mainly sold in yellow, pink, white and peach colours, this drug is also available with the combination of acetaminophen. Researchers had found out that by combining oxycodone and acetaminophen, they can derive a more stronger and powerful pain management medicine, which can give instant respite to extreme pain (such as migraine) as well as prevent the spread of the pain to other regions of the body. But sadly, this useful and powerful combination of medicines has been wrongfully adapted by few drug addicts. Liver is the most vulnerable organ to be affected by Percocet, as it is totally damaged beyond repair.

Rise of Percocet in United States

By the end of the decade, in 2009, government decided to regulate its usage as there was a sudden increase in the number of deaths due to its overdose. As it attacked the brain cells and liver simultaneously, the victim had seldom chance to recover. More than 400 deaths were reported in one single year. Various researchers showed that more number of teenagers and youth has become addicted this narcotic drug.

Find a Percocet Rehab in California

There exist acute withdrawal symptoms which require immediate attention in order to fully get out of this addiction. Some of the withdrawal symptoms associated with Percocet are:

  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle-Body pain
  • Loss of concentration
  • Shivering

If you are a resident of California, then you can easily find a Percocet rehab in California. Due to these extreme withdrawal symptoms, the person requires a dignified and capable drug rehab location in order to be fully cured. We can provide the best information and guidance related to Percocet rehab. For more information related to Percocet rehab in California, please call us at (866) 531-4569.

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