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Vicodin Rehab

Vicodin contains a narcotic called hydrocodone in its pure form. This is the element responsible in producing a calm and euphoric state in its users. It hits the individuals both physically as well as psychologically. It brings in calmness in the body and individuals feel relaxed. The main concern with vicodin is that individuals can get mildly addicted to it even with a few weeks of its intake. The drug works fast and even before the patients realize they get addicted to it and start to crave for it more each day. They get so much addicted that they even supersede water and food. The conditions become fatal when there is an overdose. With time the patients’ body becomes tolerant to the drug and with each passing day the extra dosage builds up to excess, leading to fatal health conditions.

Medical Use of Vicodin

Painkillers you use to suppress your pain contain high levels of Vicodin. It is widely used in the medicine world and usually prescribed by doctors to patients who has undergone surgeries or suffering from acute pain due to accidents. You must have seen names and incidents related to famous drugs like meth, marijuana, cocaine, and heroin popping up on the headline every now and then but in the limelight you might lose track of this gravely dangerous drug lurking its way in the addiction world. Drugs like meth, cocaine, marijuana are at least stated to be illegal but the danger with Vicodin lies in he fact that it has medicinal use. According to the federal Drug Enforcement Administration Vicodin cases have not only soared up to 500 per cent in the last ten years but have also claimed its position as one of the most widely abused prescription drugs.

Vicodin in California

According to the 1996’s Compassionate-Use Act, qualified patients and their caregivers will not be charged with possession of cocaine and subjected to criminal drug charges. But this also opened a new way of acquiring the drugs legally to drug abusers who forged prescriptions and got drugs. Today, laws against forged medical prescription for drugs have become even stricter than when found in possession of drugs.

California Vicodin Rehabs

Increasing Vicodin use has urged the state’s government as well as the society to build centers where such addicts can get help to do away with their addictions and lead a sober life. Today there are many Vicodin rehabs in the state of California as well as in the whole of the United States which give these addicts a chance to fight back for their respectful lives.

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