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1295 Hemingway Drive #235, Roseville, USA 95747

Our alcohol and drug prevention, intervention, and educational program operates individually on a one-on-one basis, and is designed as a confidential process focusing on people who tend to be either experimental drug users, recreational drug users, or people who have attained sobriety for at least three (3) or more consecutive days. Having served Northern California and the Sacramento area since 1998, our primary and/or for people who are assessed by a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) as a first time or low-end user with/without previous history of alcohol or drug abuse or arrest. People involved in our program are referred to Program Participants, and are not labeled as clients, patients, or addicts, as such. The New-Life Connections™ program does not offer behavioral therapy or any analysis. We simply apply unhealthy drug use and lifestyle decisions to an educational awareness and personal development discussion process that promotes self-evaluation and lifestyle modification. This program is treated as an investment toward healthy living and adjustment to adverse situations. We also subscribe to 12-Step, self-help support programs as a vehicle for continuing recovery and healthy lifestyle development. Our program offers individualized programs: 1) An 8-hour educational and personal development program, 2) A 3-week external development, sobriety introduction, and implementation program, 3) A 10-week Prevention, Intervention, and Education Program consisting of an interactive 21-session-- non-therapeutic, non-analytical process focused on sobriety as an investment in longevity and healthy lifestyle development. All of our programs cost less than one-forth the cost of both inpatient and outpatients and our participants have been directed to us by the court, private industry, and/or by word of mouth.
This program is designed to make participants feel comfortable, and not embarrassed over any of their lifestyle activities. We hope to instill in each participant a healthy attitude toward personal life experience success, with a strong support base from which to select from.URINE TESTING In the 10-week program urine testing is specifically directed from the referral agency as to the number of tests and whether or not a consistent weekly test, random test, or combination of consistent and random testing is exercised. Anytime a participant requests that a urine test be conducted, one will be administered. Our tests are $25 per each urine test. Urine samples are sent to Redwood Laboratory of Santa Rosa and analyzed for eight drugs: Amphetamines, Benzodiazepines, Barbiturates, Cocaine, Opiates, PCP, THC, Creatinine, and Alcohol. Test results are faxed to our facility within 24 hours of receipt. We have been satisfactorily served by the work of this laboratory since 1998, without any problems. All specimens processed are handled in the strictest confidence and follow a chain-of-custody processing and mailing procedure. 12-STEP MEETING PARTICIPATION or ALTERNATIVE MEETINGS 12-Step meeting participation depends on the requirements of the referring agency. If external support program processing is not demanded none will be listed as part of our program requirements. However, voluntary participation is encouraged. If a participant chooses not to attend voluntary 12-Step meetings, or such meetings are not required by the referring agency, a 10-week personal progress journal and a 5-page lessons learned essay will be required for participation in our program. This program will address 12-Step meeting process and evaluate its individual potential for each participant. All participants will be encouraged to use such attendance as a part of their post-participation personal support development program toward healthier living. 10-WEEK DRUG EDUCATION AND COUNSELING PROCESS Our confidential program consists of individualized counseling, education, and supportive aftercare monitoring process, and is divided into four phasesof education and personal development counseling using the most advanced data based on the Molecular Sciences in environment, medicine, and psychology:
Exploring This Miracle Called Me
Resisting My Miracle
Nurturing My Miracle
Protecting My Miracle

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